digital paintings

Here are some works of my artistic creation. These pictures originally were created on my Amiga electronic brain (see here) in maximum 32..64 colours, using the historical programs DeluxePaint 2 and 3 as well as PersonalPaint. Since there was no automatic anti- aliasing at that time, all anti- aliased lines in these pictures have been painted by hand. Some pictures also employ colour cycling animation effects, those unfortunately got lost by saving as GIF files; therefore the original ILBM versions of these pictures are available for download. (Click on the link at the right lower picture edge.)

Yogi in the Night
Green Yogi

These paintings are based on spiritual visions and impressions those I had during my enlightenment.
...ready for telepathic broadcast!

Das Geheimnis der Erleuchtung
The Secret of Enlightenment
This picture symbolizes an important aspect of the kundalinih awaking process in the yoga, namely: enlightening is a matter of precision, not of intensity!

When here someone beats to aimlessly with the golf club, then everything soon will get smashed into shatters and for the next time nothing can illuminate anymore.

Der Kybernetiker
The Cybernetician
In this world not all relationships of power are as obvious as they seem; is this cravatted greyman really the master of the machinery, or is he nothing but a part of it???

(The picture layout is an allusion to the famous (but fake) chess android of Baron von Kempelen.)

These surreal paintings are somewhat inspired by the design of Tarot cards; they shall become part of a cycle of additional such pictures in future.

Only for Enjoying!
On the chocolate bar stands "reason"...

People tend to call everything new and great "totally crazy", but who claims here that not also reason is suitable to be enjoyed?!

Also the realm of reason includes so much pleasure, or do you fear that this delicious chocolate bar could contain anyway nothing but "Nuts"???

Ich bin stolz, ein Weichei zu sein!
I am proud to be a Weichei!
This picture is based on a German pun: "Weichei" means "soft- egg" and is the German term for a "noballs".

Exaggerated, unflexible hardness in life brings nothing but lethal brutality - it became the doom of this smashed egg.

And the cult says about it... "Mankind - shame on you!" - Logologie - the 1st cyberage-religion!

This angry pair of eyes admonishes this mankind to become human again and to overcome the causing of sufferance and brutality.

Menschheit schämt Euch!

Lehrmeister Sri Elektrananda
Teachmaster Sri Elektrananda
ILBM version
Sri Elektrananda is a virtual instructor who teaches from the screen children and adults in sovereignous- holistical thinking. During this he divides the spacetime continuum with his finger and weightlessly jets on his anti- gravity board through the dimensions to show his students the secrets of the universe and (beside others) warn them against the dangers of infotrash.
Yellow Submarine
ILBM version
Yellow Submarine+Text
ILBM version
Is the known universe a submarine?! (or is the man a message??) A view out of the spacetime into the non- spacetimely helps to understand! (These paintings contain many animation effects those are unfortunately invisible here. If  you have a player program for ILBM pictures, you can enjoy them in their full beauty.)

Das universale Ur-Prinzip
The universal arch-principle - cycle of the cosmic basickinds

This diagram depicts the cycle of the 3 cosmic basickinds software, energy and matter in the continuum of spacetime.

"Software can influence energy. Software can by energy alter matter. By energy and matter software can create software of higher complexity and though cause development. Origin of the arise of all software is the field effect of cosmic consciousness."

Glutamatfreie Zone!

Defeat the yellow- red- black danger from outer supermarket - never say "yes" when you want to say "no"! With this sign you give brain- destroying industrial junk food no chance.

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