Why we blast?! -about VIRTUAL BRUTALITY and the sweet secrets of zoners...

It is basically a strange thing that most videogames deal rather with destroying something than with building something new, so we have to ask...

Why do we blast?!

In this universe there are two kinds of power - the destructive power and the creative power. Thinking logically, the destructive power is a very banal thing and though it's use really shouldn't be attractive to us, because the entropy already does enough of this by it's own. The creative power is the power of the cosmic basickind software, which is created by the field effect of cosmic consciousness and which is the basis of the arise of all complexity, including the phenomenons of life and of art, and this cosmic software eventually manifested itself in forming the man. But while the man's arch- genuine cosmic destiny was to overcome the eternal circle of brutality, why does it still make fun for us to blast around or seek and destroy something?

The animal researcher David Morris postulated that there is still an archprogram within us, stemming from the time of our animal predecessors and called the "hunter instinct". As long as this old and outdated archprogram reactivates itself in an uncontrolled way, it can produce terrible sufferance on this Earth and though it drags us back directly into the eternal circle of brutality, hindering us from rising to higher levels of spiritual development. But when we manage to control this arch program, we can leave the dread circle that determines our karma - to finally free us from the sufferance.

But how shall we easily get rid of the trouble made by a program that is hardcoded so deeply into our genes, and wouldn't our live be empty and boring without it?! Don't worry - it's easy...

We must rise by those things we fall !

One of the still most disregarded things in this world are minimalistic high- speed skill videogames. There are doubtlessly many videogames dealing with brutality in a way that rises aggressions and that can brutalize children with insufficient education. But there are also games of very abstract design (e. g. "Tempest"), and when used properly, these are very suitable to free us from our aggressions.

This sometimes "zoner" called class of videogames causes a meditation- like effect, because playing them occupies certain processor fields of the brain in a way that it hinders the brain from thinking voluntarily. But due to playing such games isn't a highly intellectual task, all together the game doesn't need much of the brain's computing capacity and though it permits the brain's cleanup processes to use this capacity for sorting our knowledge, deleting trash and saving important things out of the very energy consuming short term memory into more permanent levels of the memory. High speed exciting zoner games support this effect by increasing the blood flow to the brain by positive stress and though they improve it's energy supply.

The archprogram of aggression ("hunter instinct") is usually triggered by negative psychological stress. Stress is the alarm mode of the brain. Negative stress appears when the brain's infra- structure gets overloaded in a way that the brain is no longer capable to get enough energy to keep the actual data contents of its (electrically functioning) short term memory. This can happen e.g. in the case of hunger or when too much info- trash is processed in a too short time. Cleaning up this electrical memory by applying a meditative state dramatically reduces its energy consumption and though it also frees from the aggression. Doing this by playing a suitable, abstract "seek and destroy" videogame combines this brain- cleanup with giving the satisfaction of success to the archprogram of the "hunter instinct" in a way that you are happy and the evil aggression... is gone! (oh yeah!)

States of meditation are based on decoupling from disturbing external signals and on synchronizing areas of the brain down to lower frequencies (alpha=8..12Hz, theta=4..7Hz, delta=1..3Hz). Though these states can be supported by exposing oneself to external syncs containing such frequencies, because these syncs have much similar effects on the brain's data processing like traffic lights on a traffic jam. Much like a well tweaked traffic light rhythm speeds up and improves the traffic flow in a road network, because despite of slowing down fast cars it generally leads to a way better balanced load and though dissolves traffic jams, so proper syncs can dissolve data jams and speed up jerky data flows within the brain while they slow down too fast processes. Many historical videogames contain periodical monotonous sound loops (monotos) or rhythmical flickering light effects those generate such syncs; though they are especially suited for cleaning up the brain.

I am researcher of neuronomy, and one of my particular research subjects are videogames and their effects on human beings. Important is that videogames dealing with realistic brutality under certain circumstances (e.g. absence of correct education) also can have dangerous brutalizing effects on children. Therefore despite of the benefits there must be a reasonable form of prohibition system against too dangerous games to save our future generation from technological self- destruction by brutalization. But when designed properly and used wisely, the technology of videogames can become a powerful tool on our path of human perfectation.


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