GEM Drum15  (transistorized analogue drum machine)

This is a small analogue drum machine/ rhythm device. It is not programmable like a modern drum computer, but by pressing multiple of the locking push buttons simultaneously, a tremendous variety of additional rhythms can be created. Very unusual is that this thing doesn't contain any ICs, i.e. even the flip- flops of the digital counters/ control logics are entirely made from germanium transistors.

main features:



This thing has various trimmers to tweak the drum envelopes. Since it is analogue, likely a lot of pots can be added to control the sounds. The transistorized PCB looks interesting =>I might upgrade the case with an acrylic top or similar to make it visible. The electronics uses somewhat high voltages (18V?), which makes it questionable if sensor contacts can safely be added. The rhythms are determined by the PCB trace wiring of the switches, thus theoretically a matrix plug board could be added to make them sort-of programmable.
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