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Circuit- bending is the art of hacking, modifying and abusing the hardware of cheap electronic sound toys or such keyboards ("tablehooters") in totally different ways than their manufacturer has intended - namely as experimental musical (or not so musical) instruments. This can result in such odd things like converting a battery operated baby toy duck into a tekkno synthesizer, though circuit- bending can be basically regarded as a cyberage's anarchic successor of phono record scratching. Much like record scratching only got possible by systematically ignoring all grannies warning: "Don't touch the precious gramophone discs with your smeary, sweaty fingers!", the same way circuit- bending lives from systematically ignoring any "warranty void" warning stickers on its explorative mission to boldly hear what no man has heard before...

The TableHooters modification FAQ

In this FAQ you can find many tips, tricks and explanations about circuit- bending.

My tablehooter hacks and collection

Here you find pictures and info about my collection of more or less circuit- bent instruments, their most interesting features, what I found out about their hardware and which eastereggs I discovered. Also instruments constructed by me are here.

keyboard software media

This page lists my collection and general info about music cartridges and other original software media for electronic musical instruments.


Here is a list of keyboards I want to buy and accessories I am still looking for.

Links page

Here are some hyperlinks to other sites about electronic keyboards, synthesizers, sound toys and circuit- bending.
Site News:
update 2012-02-04:
Some keyboards removed from my wanted page, because I finally got the ultra-rare MC-55 (FM, similar like GPM MC5000) and Bontempi BS2000 & BS3000 (both strongly resemble BS2010 & KE3860 with same flaws). Sorry, no updates yet.

update 2007-04-12:
I am finally online again on my own webspace. This is only a partial update, thus there may be currently some missing photos and dead links to some pages those are not finished yet. I also have updated the FAQ. Casio SK-5 added.

update 2006-06-07:
Finally a huge new site update has been finished. It contains plenty of new Casio keyboards (including the Super Drums keyboards Casio MT-52, MT-500, MT-520, the Casio PT-50, the squarewave synthesizer Hohner KS 49 midi (Casio HT-700) and the mythical keyboard boombox Casio KX-101 with detailed hardware photos), and I added a big bunch of bizarre new Yongmei tablehooters (with Yongmei YM-2100, DL-2300, YM-3300, YM-6700, MS-110A, MS-210B, Miles MLS-4900A), great My Music Center successors (MIDI synthesizer Elta KE-491, Potex - Super Jam, Yongmei YM-2100) and the great hand gesture controlled toy groovebox Beat Square - AIR-Dance Mixer. Also many new hardware photos, tech infos and corrected Casio chip comparisons have been added and a list of keyboard software media, a wanted- page and a major update of the FAQ.

Note: I will be possibly soon thrown out of the university on which server this site is hosted, thus don't wonder when it disappears. In this case I will try to get webspace elsewhere to install this site again. (Use a search engine.)

update 2005-04-26:
Major FAQ update and tons of new instruments added - including Casiotone 401 (first Casio with rhythm), Casio CZ-230S, Casio MT-85, Casio CT-840, First Austria MC-36 (= Casio MA-150/ MA-170), Bontempi GT 770, obscure Amstrad Fidelity CKX100, circuit bent Casio MT-540 (detailed instructions), extremely bent Simba 683 3149 (incredible tekkno effects & POKEY sounds) and 2 great modified Potex toy DJ consoles (Beat Square - Mix Evolution, Kid's Com - Mix Me DJ). Various upgrade schematics added (e.g. Yamaha SHS-10, Casio CT-410V).

update 2004-08-27:
Jörgensen Clavioline (great monophonic tube synth keyboard) added, as well as modified Sankai 01870K, Golden Camel 11AB, Kawasaki Pro 37, Bestar MC 3800, GPM MC-5000, Penrod AJ-430, Kawai PH50 (great movie effect sounds) etc. Links page updated (e.g. Yongmei homepage, Clavioline.com, piano history).

update 2004-06-07:
Various keyboards added, including Casio SA-65, SA-2 and the great SK-60 sampler, MusicZone Keyboard, SongMax HMP-138, Bontempi GT 759.

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