GoldTronic - Electronic Air Drums  (electronic toy drum kit unit)

At the back you can see a plastic clip, usable to wear this device at the trousers belt.
This device is made in China and has 3x 3.5 mm stereo (walkman headphone style) input jacks those each trigger 2 percussion sample sounds when shorted to GND. A long time I was curious what was intended to be plugged into this electronic toy drum kit unit since I didn't find the missing part. There could have been ordinary electronic drumpads, but by the name "Air Drums" I expected that it must have been rather some kind of virtual user interface - possibly a set of light barrier sensors those reacted on hand or drumstick motion, or the name could also have been a pun in a way that the instrument used some kind of air inflatable PVC drumpads (e.g. similarly constructed like the step mats of dance videogames).

Finally someone e-mail me that a set of 2 cabled plastic drum sticks was plugged into the unit. These sticks contain in their tip each a leaf switch with a weight which inertia triggers a sound when the stick is moved in the air or knocked against any surface. Some buttons (or similar) on the drum sticks select which sound is triggered by each stick.

main features:


The inputs lines don't seem to be velocity sensitive. (I didn't experiment much with this device yet.) Besides the CPU (14 pins DIL case) the small PCB contains many discrete resistors and capacitors (to process the input signal?). When I bought it on a flea market, the brand label "GoldTronic" was hidden by a white sticker of the German toy company "Hartung".
 removal of these screws voids warranty...    
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