GoodPlay - Elektronische Orgel

This is a small toy organ made in Hong Kong - it looks like made in 1970th or early 1980th. On the box stands in German: "An ideal children electronic organ with 2 keyboards and vibrato!" The beep sound with optional vibrato resembles much a classic Stylophone.

main features:


On the organ is a sticker "Hahaha", which may be a brand name of the original manufacturer (or rather a comment to the sound quality of this tablehooter?!). At the box is a label of the German mail order shop "Quelle International", with the product number 345.610 0. Because of the monophonic tone generators the 2 keyboards can not be used to play 2 notes at the same time - instead they just correspond to a 15 key keyboard without black keys. Interesting is that the upper keyboard contains the same PCB like the lower keyboard, but has empty solder holes instead of a separate tone generator. Possibly originally a 2 note polyphonic version with 1 tone generator per keyboard was planned but not implemented to reduce cost. The organ has no volume control and toots unpleasantly loud; it can be basically regarded as a member of the same hardware family like my Golden Camel 7A, although by its higher age it is certainly not a that ridiculously fake specimen like the latter, but was rather a quite average toy organ at the time it came out. (I later gave this GoodPlay organ to a toy organ collector in exchange for 2 other mini keyboards.)
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