This is a series of cheap, small and simple sound toy instruments made in China, those play some music samples of lousy quality. These things also exist in other colour combinations and at least 1 different case variant. Unusual is the pitch control by a clock frequency potentiometer.
The upper instrument plays 4 short, rhythmic jingles and a drum loop. Every jingle ends with 10 repeats of the same drum pattern. The lower toy plays 6 guitar patterns those end in 5 repeats of the same loop. (There is a 3rd variant in a keyboard- shaped case, but it plays only the same guitar pattern like the 2nd, thus I didn't buy it).

main features:


The instrument with the drum sounds has 2 buttons wired parallel, thus it has only 5 OBS sounds despite 6 buttons. Despite the low sample quality the instrument makes respectable tekkno sounds when played through my tube amplifier. Unfortunately the sounds always finish after few loops, thus it can not be used like a drum computer. But the combination of OBS, stop button and pitch knob permits quite versatile rhythmic scratch effects.

The guitar sound toy has likely the same sound CPU as various large and expensive toy pseudo e-guitars. A flaw of my specimen is that some buttons refuse to work when only slightly overclocked. (Possibly this may be fixable by adding pull-up resistors or the like.) Generally this one sounds way less interesting than the drum sound toy.

 removal of these screws voids warranty...    
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