SoundMaster - Memory Rhythm SR-88  (simple analogue drum computer)

This is one of the very first digitally programmable drum computers. It has only 4 analogue sounds and can store only 6 patterns with 16 steps and 2 patterns with 12 steps. Programming works by selecting the sound by a switch and then pressing 12 or 16 times the "play" or "pause" button. This is very uncomfortable but may be interesting for making experimental patterns for tekkno. There are no presets but only some default patterns shown in the manual, but even these need to be re- entered by hand after removing batteries.

main features:


When I bought mine on flea market, it didn't work because the battery holder was cracked and a small diode was burnt out. After replacing it the thing worked again. The case is quite awkward to dismantle because there are lots of potentiometers screwed to the front cover, those hang on short cables to the PCB. 2 of the bottom screws form a hinge, i.e. to replace batteries the screws don't need to be removed but only 2 need to be loosened. The analogue sound circuits respond well on touching by hand, thus likely sensor contacts can be added. (As usual, to protect the inputs against static electricity spikes, diodes must be added because such ancient special CPUs tend to be very prone to static charge damage and are nowadays likely irreplaceable.) I didn't do much with this instrument yet since I have my modified HBATEC keyboard with that's rhythm is easier to experiment. But due to the rhythms and variations are selected almost OBS- like, this instrument may be also interesting for tekkno.
 removal of these screws voids warranty...    
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