Stereo Playkeys! Sunlight - Stereo Playkeys! (digital animal sound toy keyboard)

Although the control panel of this keyboard resembles much My Music Center, it uses completely different hardware.

main features:




This instrument's rhythms have booming drums and are nice for tribal- like tekkno. There are many other animal sound toy keyboards around, but most have no OBS rhythm buttons which makes them less interesting for tekkno. Unfortunately they turn themselves off to save batteries when for some minutes no keys/ buttons get pressed. Also the demo selection mode is very interesting, because all the demo tunes are on the white keys and while a demo melody runs, pressing any of them immediately starts the one of the pressed key; though they can be abused as sound patterns by pressing these keys rhythmically.

The squarewave sounds are very cute. Especially the "piano" sounds very cheesy and begins to howl when batteries get empty (a pot might be added simulate this). Together with the distortions you can make it sound like one of these battery operated santaclauses or anything funny like this. The animal samples are of very low resolution and often too short, but for tekkno and similar stuff they can be certainly also interesting, especially when messing around with the pitch pot.

Possibly this hardware was also released in the same case like Musical Centre, because its beautiful button design matches exactly the animal sound set of this one.

 removal of these screws voids warranty...    
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