Super Stereo, My Portable Rockman

This sound toy comes in an almost empty green/ red plastic case in the shape of a small ghettoblaster. It has a white silicone (rubber) keypad and plays many rhythms and sounds. At the front it has a green pseudo "CD lid" with the label "dynamic sound"; behind it was a deck of tiny picture cards for children.

main features:


The resulting instrument can make quite versatile, grainy tekkno rhythms, and the sound CPU can be ridiculously overclocked without crashing until the rhythm turns into a continuous beep.

The same sound CPU is also used in the walkman shaped sound toy "My Portable Rockman", but this one has the key buttons placed in random order (no continuous tone scale), which makes it extremely difficult to play melodies without modification.

 removal of these screws voids warranty...    
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