Tomy - The Incredible VoiceChanger
This vocoder- like sound effect device from 1988 pitches voices or sounds up or down with a very coarse and digital timbre.

main features:



Important to mention is that the frequency shifts of this device have no normal tone scale ratios, thus musical notes played through it and mixed with the original signal always sound detuned. The sounds also have some coarse, LFO- like tremolo in them; I am not sure if this is just caused by a too low sample rate, but I assume that the algorithm simply continuously writes short sound sample fragments into a circular RAM buffer and simultaneously read the buffer out and plays it back with a different rate or the like without any anti- aliasing. (I doubt that the thing does a real Fourier transformation for a proper pitch shift, because a toy from 1988 certainly had not the computing capacity to do complex DSP work like that. I know there is also an analogue pitch shifting method which involves FM with a carrier frequency that needs to be filtered out afterwards, but this thing doesn't sound analogue at all and likely the digitally adjustable filter would have been beyond the scope of a 1988th toy either.)

This voice changer has more pitch steps than the one of my Casio Rapman (sound quality is similar), but it is way less versatile and coarser than the complex DSP effects of my Casio Voice Arrager VA-10.

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