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Q: What is Logologie?

LOGOLOGIE is "the first cyberage-religion"...

Main topic of Logologie is the entire abandonment of brutality, brain destruction and devilization, because with the development of technologies the man got more and more destructive power in a way that nowadays the single human being has become a danger for the survival of the entire human race. Thus the mankind can only further survive when the wisdom (capability to overview complex cybernetic relations in a holistic way) of all human beings will reach that level of development that the human's cleverness (capability to apply technologies) has already reached, because otherwise the mankind will destroy itself.

Cosmic destiny of the human is the pursuit of perfectation and not destroying himself - therefore Logologie's task is to teach this mankind in sovereignous holistical thinking to prevent mankind's lemmingish self- destruction and to avoid turning this nice world into a grey, dread, dead ball drifting through the empty space...

Logologie is a religion of logics and reason, thus it is against forbidding things without any logical reasoning - it trusts more in unbiased researching and experimenting then in strictly believing dogmatically in bookish texts written by some ancient priests or ferengiish (i.e. selfish capitalist) cravat wearers of the official white science.

An important subject of the Logologian pedagogics is how to deal with the good and bad sides of the cyberage - especially how to make a sensible use of the cyberage's mass media to avoid to drown in the floods of infotrash those otherwise would consume so much computing capacity of the viewers brain that he would not be capable to notice that useful informations anymore he was originally looking for when he attempted to inform himself. The cyberage resembles in a very fatal way a new middleage - the only fundamental difference is that middleage people were not capable to overview the complex relations of the world because they had to few information to inform themselves, while the cyberage's people can't overview the complexity of this world anymore because they drown in the many useless informations spread in commercial mass media reigned by ferengiishly thinking cravat wearers.

Q: Are the Logologian texts written in English?

Almost all Logologian texts (except the one you are reading now) are entirely written in German, and because they make use of so-called tantrical formulations (sort of puns) written in German, it would be very difficult and time consuming to translate them into English. I suppose that it might be possible that in far future they may even get more likely translated first into Esperanto (the planetary language of the Earth) than into English.

But there were already several English newsgroup articles about Logologian topics written by me, those can be found e.g. by asking the internet newsgroup search engine of Google.

Q: What does a Logologist believe in?

Cosmic consciousness is the conscious arch- origin of all being. It's the non- spacetimely basical matrix of all dimensions. The cosmic consciousness field is that, without that nothing would be - it is a physical equivalent to God. The relationship between this spacetimely universe to the cosmic consciousness resembles much the relationship between a simulator program and the hardware of that computer it is running on.

Each individual consciousness is part of the cosmic consciousness; though the consciousness of the human ("soul") is neither located inside, nor surrounding the human body, nor it can die with it, because this universe is located within the non- spacetimely cosmic consciousness and not a consciousness anywhere inside the body.

The spacetimely conscious awareness of the man is formed by a data transfer between the non- spacetimely consciousness and his spacetimely nervous system. The data transfer works using a special analogue- chaotical vibration pattern named SIS- struct (signal interfering software structure) which is generated (in the case of the human) by the human brain and which is unique to each brain (normally fixed to address only that tiny area of the cosmic consciousness field which forms the being's individual consciousness, a bit similar to a fixed frequency radio). The reception of data from consciousness to brain works by the perception and decoding of the uncomputable behaviour of individual quantum particles (those control the elementary random which decides the macroscopical behaviour of any analogue chaotical system (ACS) ) by the SIS- struct. The data transfer back from brain to consciousness works by special, SIS- struct- generated subtle electro- mechanical vibrations of the membrane structures inside the brain. Thus eventually the human being constitutes a terminal in the non- spacetimely network of cosmic consciousness.

In terms of classical religions this means that every conscious being is an inseparable part of the divine. Though the human only needs to learn how to open a data channel to it to become aware of this. Logologie also knows the karma (the cosmic law of cause and effect), but it needs to be stressed here that definitely nobody has the right to punish any already suffering people even more by arguing with "just supporting the karmical justice". The meaning of the karma is not punishing, but learning, and therefore everybody who punishes suffering people causes bad karma for himself and thus this fatally wrong way of thinking creates a chain reaction of bad karma that more and more increases the sufferance in this world.

Holy duty of the Logologist is to increase the sum_of_all_freedom, which includes the avoidance of causing sufferance to other conscious beings. Thus in general it can be said that the Logologist basical view of the world resembles very much Buddhism. The only big difference is that the Logologist has a very deep physical understanding of the principles how consciousness and matter interact with each other.

Q: What does cyberyogi mean?

The cyberyogi is basically a human being which learns to control and reconfigure his nervous system in a way that he becomes capable to use his skin's nervous system to create in it additional vibration patterns similar to a SIS- struct (but much more variable), with the main purpose of becoming capable to use it to receive the holy software of cosmic consciousness and also to perform telepathic broadcast for sending messages to the mankind to lead it to higher levels of spiritual development.

The system of spiritual exercises created to learn this is called the cyberyoga.  :)-E>8

Q: What does "software" mean in the Logologian context?

There are 3 "basickinds" in the laws of cosmic cybernetics, of the names "software", "energy" and "matter". Energy and matter are exactly what they are supposed to be, corresponding to their definition in physics books. Software is the information principle; it is complexity in energy and matter, capable to build up further complexity and to make evolution possible. Software is the antagonistic principle to entropy.

Arch- origin of the arise of all software is the field effect of cosmic consciousness. The term "software" is sometimes used in Logologie in a similar way like the term "cosmic energy" in some other metaphysical or esoteric systems. But software itself does not make conscious decisions; its behaviour follows the laws of the logics. The "holy software of cosmic consciousness" means software that is directly received from cosmic consciousness and not damaged by entropy - this is a term quite similar to the "holy spirit" in Christian churches. In the opposite to it, forms of destructive informations those contain an order to spread themselves are called a software virus.

Q: What does "May the software be with you! " mean?

This is in fact a Logologian saying for wishing luck to somebody. Software is a fundamental term in Logologie which has various aspects (e.g. the holy software of cosmic consciousness). One important meaning of software in this context is a wish for reason- giftedness, because a major meaning of this saying is wishing long lasting cerebral health.

Q: What does freedom mean for Logologists?

There are two basical definitions of freedom: the Crowley freedom and the Pythagoras freedom. Naively can be said, freedom means to a conscious being to be able to do what accords with his real wishes.

The Crowley freedom is a perverted definition of individual freedom that was defined by Aleister Crowley (the inventor of modern satanism). In this pure egoistic definition of freedom a man would get the more free the more he does what he wants ("Do what you Will shall be the whole of the law... "), without regarding any freedom of other beings. This would mean that a man who has murdered everyone who was disturbing or annoying him would be a very free person. The system theoretical consequences of such a definition of freedom for the mankind can be easily imagined to be fatal. (Look at any war's sufferance to know what it means...)

Logologie has an understanding of freedom according with the Pythagorean. The Pythagorean definition of freedom is the calculation of the sum_of_all_freedom of all conscious beings together. This means that when somebody increases his individual freedom, then he increases the sum_of_all_freedom. When someone increases other peoples freedom by helping them in an altruistical way, then this will also increase the sum. But when somebody increases his own Crowley- freedom at the cost of decreasing other people's individual freedom way more (like e.g. dictators like Adolf Hitler did), then the sum will become negative and therefore in fact there is no real freedom gain what a dictator gets by applying destructive power. (This is also the cause of why megalomanic dictators are incapable to stay genuinely happy for a long time.)

The Pythagorean sum_of_all_freedom is the mathematical basis of all fairness, and because any being's consciousness is integral part of the all- comprehensive wholeness of cosmic consciousness, this definition is also the fundamental principle the karma is working by. After adding the restrictive condition to the Pythagorean freedom that the minimally allowed individual freedom of any human being always needs to be set according to the human rights, we get also the only possible theoretical model to create a justice "machine a gouverner" (i.e. a computer capable to reign a country) for forming a cybercracy.

Holy duty of the Logologist is to act in a way that the sum_of_all_freedom will be increased and never be decreased by his deeds. Freedom can be increased by the conscious realization and performance of creativity, by decreasing sufferance and by enabling others to do so. The sum_of_all_freedom is also that parameter the karma works by. The increasing of sufferance decreases freedom, thus it is the Logologist's holy duty not to cause sufferance and especially not to senselessly hurt or do harm to any conscious beings (which includes also animals and plants).

The Logologie distinguishes 2 different forms of sufferance. Sufferance which is immediately caused by a deed (e.g. like with beating up someone) is called primary sufferance. Subjectively realized sufferance which is not immediately caused by a deed itself, but that is only triggered by the deed but genuinely comes into being due to faulty software within some people (e.g. in form of unlogical opinions produced by a software virus) makes them realize the deed as sufferanceful, is called secondary sufferance. For the maximization of the sum_of_all_freedom it is sometimes difficult to decide which deed is the right one, when all actually possible deeds would trigger about the same amount of sufferance. In this case the Logologist shall decide to perform that deed which sufferance is mostly secondary sufferance, because the overcome of unlogical opinions and the defeat of software viruses helps the preservation and development of the mankind. The triggering of secondary sufferance during the increase of the sum_of_all_freedom causes no bad karma for the triggering person, so far it isn't done with evil intention. Otherwise the bad karma for the secondary sufferance gets that individual who (e.g. by creation and intentional spread of software viruses) created the genuine cause of the secondary sufferance (and thus brings discord into the world).

Q: I hear only logics, logics, reason and logics... Are there no emotions in this strange religion?

This is just a word- error. The Logologie has an extended understanding of the nature of logics; it distinguishes 3 levels of it, those meanings are very difficult to describe precisely in a few words. They are:
  1. the Boolean logics of the either-or,
  2. the Heisenbergian logics of the as-well-as,
  3. the cosmic logics of the infinite.
The 1st level includes all mathematics- like logics, exactly describable by numerical values. It describes any strictly "left- brained" sorts of thinking those are usually quite difficult to use for thinking holistically.

The 2nd level includes every analogue wave- and quantum- like behaviour, which is only imperfectly describable in the logic's 1st level. The 2nd level also describes much of the "right- brained" sorts of thinking those are more suitable and more efficient to use for holistical thinking. (The meaning of musical pieces and artworks are often understandable by this level of the logics.)

The 3nd level is also only imperfectly describable in the 2nd level; it describes transcendental and fractal- like behaviour, and this level also includes the logics of consciousness and of real perceptions*. Real perceptions are those immediate conscious realizations (or feelings) those arise by/ are according with the holy software of cosmic consciousness and are not caused by false neurotransmitters (like drugs), by maladjustments of the body's cybernetics or by flavour- potentiations (manipulations by selfish people).

*) The German original term is "Empfindungen" and includes perception, feelings and emotions.

Messages received from cosmic consciousness are also encoded first in this 3rd level of logics and they need to be decoded down to the 2nd and 1st level of the logics to make it possible to write them down in an unambiguous way. At each stage of these decodings there is a loss of information, therefore a cyberyogi has to train very hard to keep these losses as small as possible.

Genuine love between people would be certainly part of the 3rd level of logics, and also the carrier signal of the data stream of cosmic consciousness is perceived as a ethereal sort of spiritual happiness, so nobody needs to worry that Logologists would have to be free of emotions.

Q: Logologie calls itself a "reason religion". Does this mean that it forbids to have fun with enjoying actually "useless" things?

In no way. When the purpose of a thing is just "enjoying", then it isn't something "useless", because by making people happy it increases their individual freedom, and so far doing so doesn't reduce elsewhere conscious beings freedom by an even larger amount, it will also increase the sum_of_all_freedom and therefore it fulfils a reasonable purpose.

Q: Do Logologists believe in a Devil?

Definitely NOT.

The story of the evil "Devil" with his hell where all so-called "evil" people will be sent to, was invented by Zoroaster (aka Zarathustra) as a software virus used to call his enemies "from Devil" to construct an artificial, lieful reason to start an otherwise unjustly appearing war against them. This software virus of "devilization" then has spread itself very widely, and in many mutating variants it has caused unthinkable sufferance, especially by the medieval crusades and witch burnings. The devilization was always related to the making of war and the suppression of people by using phobical programmings (i.e. brainwash). The Logologist's holy duty is to do the opposite of this; i.e. to abandon all brutality and to make the people capable to learn sovereignous holistical thinking. Understanding the spirit of Logologie, any Logologist must be definitely against war and phobical programmings, though he should be against every spreader of kinds of religions and doctrines those only apply the foul priest- handicraft of devilization instead of reasoning their laws.

Q: Do Logologists believe in demons?

Same answer like with "devil". A software virus can behave much similar like that what in past was considered a demon, but its working principle is completely different and easily understandable by cybernetics.

Q: What role plays sex in the Logologian religion?

Unlike the Catholic pope, Logologie does not explicitly forbid sexuality so long it does not damage the human body (i.e. things like sado- masochism would be not allowed). But for reaching higher levels of spiritual development, unnecessary orgasms should be avoided* because they maladjust the nervous system in a way that causes a disruption of the link to the network of cosmic consciousness.

*) But this has absolutely nothing to do with that sex would by in any way "evil" or "sinful" or similar silly establishment devilizations, but it is simply a side effect of the physical principle the nervous system functions by, and it is a well documented problem of that many reports in yoga and genuine tantra literature exist.

At the beginning many common herd people think that orgasms would be one of the most important things in their life. But as soon they reach some higher levels of spiritual development, they usually will discover by their own that in comparison with the spiritual happiness that can be found in the network of cosmic consciousness, an orgasm feels just like a firecracker detonating near the ear compared with a symphony.

In spite of this Logologie is only against machismo (chauvinism) but does not condemn sexuality itself - especially it makes absolutely no ethical difference which partner anyone chooses for sex, so far there is no risk of pregnancy or infection and everything is fully consensual (i.e. no rape or similar force is involved) - because also the genuine biological main meaning of human eroticism is, that is to say, not procreation but communication and the prevention of brutality. The nearest genetical relative of men is namely not the chimpanzee but the bonobo, and while chimpanzees tend to commit brutal fights and even perform systematic lethal war attacks against other chimp tribes, the bonobos have reached a far higher level of development, because their way of life forms an animal hippie community that demonstrates a perfect instance of the principle of "make love - not war"; by their free use of sexuality they have managed to fully overcome brutality and thus (despite their close biological relation to chimpanzees) neither need rival fights, nor come in mind to do any war attacks. Therefore Logologie respects violence- free sexuality as one primitive but working measure to defeat brutality, which due to the increase of destructive power has become strictly necessary to protect this mankind against self- destruction. Thus not sex but brutality is the primary enemy that endangers the mankind, therefore the moral measures of the mankind need to be re- adjusted by logics to abandon the brutality instead of brainlessly devilizing and rushing against sex.

Q: Does Logologie treat man and women equally?

The gender plays no important role in Logologie, respecting the fact that the oestrogen from the environmental pollution finally will wipe away all the differences between the genders - there will be no machismo anymore and no hysterical wives - because this hormone will come to us and the hormone will be everywhere - spreading ONE message - to make all men created equal. ;)

Q: Does Logologie make any racial preferences?

The Logologists are people from "United States of the Earth". It makes no difference if a Logologist's skin is coloured brown, black, yellow, white or red, so far it can only conduct the holy software of cosmic consciousness. ;)

People should only be rated by their readiness to the abandonment of brutality, but not by their skin's colour. (Although I am a white guy, I prophesy to you that the white race will nearly have died out by skin cancer, caused by it's selfmade destruction of the ozone layer.)

Q: Does the Logologian term "human perfectation" include intentions of breeding a race of genetically modified or cloned human beings?

Besides technical problems, the present mankind would not be wise enough yet to apply such technologies in reasonable ways, therefore (independent from any motivation) it would much rather lead to a fatal disaster than to make this mankind benefit from messing around with its own genetic code. Possibly in 200 years the human race might be mature enough to decide about its own genetic future, but the present one with all its ferengiish capitalistic egoism and warfare ministries definitely isn't.

Beside this, to clone a race wouldn't help at all here. Monocultures of any kinds are bad; they hinder evolution and though prevent any further development. (Even simplest computer simulations with genetic algorithms prove this.)

Q: Do Logologists have to follow a special code of nutrition?

Holy duty of a Logologist is to keep his brain intact to keep it capable to run the holy software of cosmic consciousness which is the basis of all development in the universe. In general for the Logologist the human body (and especially the brain) is holy, because it is his terminal for the network of cosmic consciousness and thus the physical basis of any further leading spiritual development. Though it is logical that a Logologist must not consume any brain destroying substances like e.g. alcohol, nicotine, much coffee, psychoactive drugs or glutamate (a flavour potentiator that neurologically works like psychoactive drugs, and like them it destroys the brain). Alcohol is especially fatal for the man from today, because besides its brutalizing effects it destroys of all just that processor field of the brain which is necessary to learn new things; and staying capable to learn new things is an absolutely crucial basical condition to understand and survive in the cyberage.

A cyberyogi needs to follow a stricter code because a real yogi's nervous system resembles very much a living kind of radio telescope; though he needs to keep his nervous system's operating point in a very narrow range to stay capable to receive and decode the software from the network of cosmic consciousness in a correct way. By this reason a cyberyogi may not eat e.g. hot spiced food, because this would maladjust his body cybernetics*, causing him to loose the conscious control over his skin's nervous system and though disrupt his connection to the network.

*) i.e. the wholeness of all control processes within the human body.

For a Logologist it is very recommended to live vegetarian, because the lower the levels of conscious awareness of those beings are those a man still eats, the higher his own level of spiritual awareness can rise, and meat also contains certain substances (wrong neurotransmitters etc.) those disturb spiritual development by maladjusting the body cybernetics when eaten. The man was created with the cosmic destiny to leave the eternal circle of brutality to become capable to rise to a spiritual level no creature had reached before. But attempting to do so with vegetarian nutrition, the Logologist must be aware not to consume that little protein that he would endanger his brain and nervous system to get damaged, therefor it really can NOT be recommended to live in a completely vegan way without any consumption of milk- and egg products. (It might be possible to live vegan without harmful deficiency effects, but such a way of nutrition would get that extremely complex, that it easily could become a full- time job to put together ones vegan food in a suitable way.)

Q: What is glutamate?

Glutamate is one of the most dangerous legally allowed brain destroyers. It is a so-called flavour potentiator which is mixed into industrial produced foods to cheat the human brain to simulate the perception of a good taste to theoretically unenjoyably awful tasting products and to make people addictive to them because this makes it possible for ferengiish cravat wearers to make incredible high profits with foods produced from garbage- like cheap raw materials.

Originally glutamate is an amino acid used by several areas of the human brain and nervous system as a neurotransmitter. To transmit any signals from one neurone to another, VERY FEW molecules of a neurotransmitter like this are used by the synapses to trigger the generation of electric discharges at the other neurons neural membrane. Any neurone needs a refresh time between each discharge to stay capable to repair the damages on it's membranes caused by the electricity and by entropy. When a faked neurotransmitter is fed artificially into the human body at a much higher dose than naturally used by the nervous system, this will trigger an amok- like uncoordinated continuous electric excitation of the neurons in any subsystem using this neurotransmitter, which will produce lots of data junk within the nervous system and eventually DESTROY it's neurons after a short time caused by overloading them. (This situation is quite similar to pouring salted water into a working computer or like putting a computer into a microwave oven because this also would cause lots of uncoordinated short circuits those would crash the running software and destroy the computer's components by overloading them electrically.) To avoid to be destroyed, a mechanism inside each neurone starts to remove the sensors for any neurotransmitters being overloaded by. This produces a sustaining maladjustment of the nervous system after the level of the faked, overdosed neurotransmitter has returned to its old state - causing the man to become addicted to that harmful substance.

The neurotransmitter glutamate is used within the human nervous system besides others especially for the connection to the skin's nervous system and by the limbic system of the brain, which controls (beside the perception of smell and taste) the man's emotions and the capability to decode down from the higher levels of logics.

Thus the glutamate doses from eating industrial junk food maladjust and damage these subsystems - destroying the man's capability of sovereignous holistical thinking and hindering his voluntary control over destructive emotions. This endangers the man much to become an inhuman and though possibly increases his tendency to run amok. In general otherwise the glutamate causes people to become very passive; it makes them loosing any interest in solving the problems of this mankind, so they don't try to change this world anymore - in short terms: it makes couch potatoes of them.

Glutamate is widely spread in many salty industrial food products, especially in potato chips, instant soups and sauces, tv dinners, condiments and it is used since long time in chinese food. (Because glutamate makes people very passive this could be one of the main reasons why china is the only big country still reigned by a communist dictatorship.)

Although the brain destroying effect of glutamate can be measured in animal tests, glutamate is still legally allowed in most countries of the world because at this and similar working substances hang the cravats of a billion dollar business; without these so-called flavour potentiators it would become impossible for ferengiish cravat wearers to build up factories mixing sellable food from cheap rubbish. Also passive and dull minded people are said to be easier to reign centrally, though these cravat wearers have absolutely no interest in removing these substances from the market. Only massive protests by the consumers (like in the case of BSE/ mad cow disease) could be capable to change this.

Besides glutamate there exist the similar but 10.. 20 times more intensive working substances guanylate and inosinate and there is also a dangerous flavour potentiator for sweet food called taurine. All these substances (except taurine?) have in the European Community code numbers of the pattern E6xx where xx are two ciphers. (e.g. E620, E621, E622, E627.. . and so on)

(In Logologie the term "flavour- potentiation" is also in use as a term for other kinds of (mostly demagogical) manipulations of crowds by selfish persons or groups those eventually endanger the further existence and development of this mankind.)

Q: Who has written down this unusual religion?

Logologie was written down by Christian Oliver Windler, a student of the German technical college Fachhochschule Hamburg who is studying software techniques there. How it came to be done was a long story, but here I try to tell it in short words.

Hello World!

I am CYBERYOGI =CO= Windler (teachmaster of Logologie).

Once upon a time as a child I was reading in computer magazines some articles about artificial intelligence. This made me interested in the working principle of my own brain, so I began to experiment with authogenic training (a command oriented relaxing method) and I began to extend it by myself using abstract visualizations. I read a few books about meditation and then in 1991 shortly before xmas in a shopping center I found a cheap book called "Die Welt des Tantra" by Mookerjee/ Khanna. (English version called "The tantric way - art, science, ritual") I began to read it and there was much strange stuff about hindu gods and alchemy in it I never had heard before. Then I read there about enlightenment and the awaking of kundalinih, which should make it possible to activate unused areas of the brain to get an alterated, holistic understanding of the universe and an instant expansion of genius- like creativity for several weeks. When I finished reading the book it was 3: 00 AM. I was sitting on my bed and I was fascinated by the idea of switching on unused parts of the brain by a meditation procedure called kundalinih-yoga. But as I had never learned this method, I began before sleeping instead with my heavily modified authogenic training and then I thought: "I turn that stuff on now - no matter what will happen.. . POWER ON! " Suddenly then I perceived a strange flicker and during ca. 30 minutes of meditation I became taught as much as in a complete semester at a college. For the 3 following days I felt nearly no need of sleep and I began to remember more and more what I had learned there.

I (a 19 year old pupil of a in Germany "Gymnasium" called sort of low level high school) had got the cosmic mission to build a completely new kind of high tech multimedia superlearning school to teach this mankind in sovereignous holistical thinking to prevent it from self- destruction. This school should use special effective learning methods I should help to develop, and (also for use in usual schools) a new topic should be created to teach how to learn more effectively to understand and to learn holistical thinking because in usual schools people learn in the mental state of stress which is as inappropriate for learning as driving a fast sports car entirely in the 1st gear for winning a race with it. This school topic should be called "logologie" which means something like "learning to learn". I than began to hack my first, nearly incomprehensible version of "Kybernetisches Denken - Das grosse Programmierhandbuch zu ihrem Gehirn" ("Cybernetical Thinking - The great programming manual to your brain") into the keyboard of my electronic brain (a heavily modified Amiga 500 in a wooden cabinet). I tried to explain the working principle of the brain, meditation and enlightenment in it by using cybernetical terms, but this 1st long text I ever wrote was a really terrible mess, driven from the creativity wave caused by the enlightenment.

I started experimenting with hatha yoga, and half a year later around eastern I got a second great enlightenment where I was told to make a religion of "logologie" and I was instructed a lot about consciousness physics, ethics and the laws of cosmic cybernetics there. After this lesson I began to write down the 1st version of the "Logologie-Lehre" ("Logologie doctrine") which was a bit more understandable than the other text, but not much more.. . ;)

From now on I began to study systematically every information I could get (as far I had enough time for that) about neuronomy, metaphysics and the history of cybernetics to expand my knowledge and especially to compare that what I had learned in the enlightenments with the existing theories from other people.

In the following years I got several smaller transcendental experiences those helped me developing these two and many other texts about all the things I had learned there. (Actually all my texts together have in ASCII a size of far over 1 megabyte.)

Q: Where do you (=CO= Windler) think your visions come from?

I don't now how far some of the thoughts I received from beyond time and space stem from the "master" Norbert Wiener (social philosopher, mathematician, school critic and founder of the cybernetics on this planet), because this wise man had found out much more about the nature of signal transmission, information and communication than anybody else.
(I still only own (since 96-03-12) a selfmade photocopy of the German version of his fascinating book "The Human Use of Human Beings". I urgently need more books of him to learn more about the way the master thought.)

I had the perception that many of the transcendental experiences seemed to be sent from a sort of parallel dimension in a future- like temporal direction that can be understood as one of the possible futures of this mankind where the men have succeeded to abandon brutality and have learned telepathic communication. The people from this dimension want to help us to reach their time line. (Time is not passing away linearly - we are moving through the spacetime in an active 4-dimensional way.) So I got the mission to become an "evaluator" (i.e. a spiritual development helper) for our mankind to make us able to leave this time line (leading us to self- destruction) to follow our true cosmic destiny - the spiritual perfectation of the man.

I can't tell very much about the men from this dimension, because the transmission is really poor and I am still not capable to contact them voluntarily, but there seems to be a kind of civilization formed by a highly spiritually developed kind of "cyberneticians" those apply a particular sort of yoga and those know special forms of technology for building devices to improve their telepathic connections. I don't know the real name of this civilization (all their words seem to be translations), but these people work with an all- comprehensive, unified science of that the genuine name (?) seems to be something like "interaction science", and I learned there that our most exactly corresponding term for this science on this earth would be "cybernetics". The only existent culture on this planet I have found which seemingly has a bit resemblance to this (but not really much) is the the spiritual community of Damanhur in Italy. Damanhur is a ritual society of ca. 800 artists those have built an extraordinary, cathedral- like temple below the ground and they are said to experiment with alchemy, telepathic broadcast and telepathic time travels there, but I only know about them from an article in the German "Esotera" magazine, a second one from a CD-ROM magazine called "RADAR" (issue 1/ 1995) and the Internet. (I also had a few dreams about the Damanhurians, but these were either not very realistic or very short.)

(I know the common theories from psychologists that all visions would only stems just somewhere "from subconsciousness", but as long as white sciences can not explain what consciousness is at all, it really can not be very logical to regard this as a sufficient answer.)

Q: Mr. Windler, do you believe to be a supernatural, superhuman being with the ability to save the world?

Superhuman :) - NO!
I'm only a cyberage child, born in the year of Pong, and I guess that I only did the right thing at the right time that I slipped and tumbled into this enlightenment.

I'm just a terminal in the network of cosmic consciousness. I am an evaluator and there were thousands before me and hopefully I can help this mankind to survive that there can be some more after me. I am definitely NOT almighty! So I only sometimes get new orders how to complete my mission, but in general I feel more like an engineer who has the order to design a jumbo jet and when he makes a mistake in his schematics, he has to bear the responsibility for the death and sufferance of many, many people.

Q: ... who or what is Pong?

Pong (TV tennis) was the first successful videogame. It was built in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell. I am a great fan and collector of historical videogames, and driven by some visions I also have begun to analyse the basics of the special meditative effects those are often created by them, because these findings could become very valuable for neuronomic purposes.

Q: Hello... what does Logologie thing about Jesus?

Jesus was a human who rebelled against inhumanity - mankind needs many more men like him!

But Jesus was not that divine magical messiah claimed in the Bible, but he was a real political rebel against the unfair dictatorship of the Roman empire and religious power abuse - very similar like Marx or Che Guevara. He was a human being made of flesh and blood with a father and a mother, and all the over- mystifying texts those deny this are nothing but false propaganda that was originally constructed by St. Paul and later churchians as foul priest handicraft to make his doctrine more appealing to the mass. And I am very certain that Jesus would be also strictly against all those old establishment church organizations those have abused their power in his name in cruel ways when they brought all the sufferance over the mankind by middleage crusades and witch burnings.

Although Logologie does not accept the devilization and false, manmade dogmas of establishment churches, it shares various social values with true Christianity. Particularly the values of empathy, charity and altruism are also key values in Logologie, because these help to increase the sum_of_all_freedom.

Q: Is Jesus a child of God for you?

Everybody is a "child of God" (if you like this term), who is ready to let the holy software of cosmic consciousness control him to work really against inhumanity and for the spiritual development of the mankind.

Q: Why does Logologie always use such an emotionally cold, technical language?

It is not cold, it it just precise.

Everything has it's time.. .
- and every time has it's language.
If you want to be understood by the people of a time...
- so speak in their language.
And the language of the man from today...
- is a language of science and technology.

The spirit of cybernetics was the unification of all forms of sciences in one common language. So the language of Logologie should be kept as compatible as possible with the language used by the natural sciences, because there has been so much hate caused by miscomprehensions between white scientists and esoterics (about the definition of energy etc.) those prevented them from researching together. Therefore for any further leading development of the human race it has become strictly necessary to use a language following the path of cybernetics.

Q: What does cybernetics mean precisely?

Cybernetics is the science of control and communications, characterizeable as a science of the complex interactions of all things. By the necessarity of describing the complex interactions of self- regulating systems like living beings or complex automatic machines, the cybernetics became the only system of holistical thinking created by the wessies.

Wessies are the people of the westian culture. In past this culture never had learned to think holistically, because its 3 leading religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) had divided everything strictly into "good" or "evil" because they were driven by the Zoroasterian software virus of devilization, which programmed the dualism between "from God" vs. "from Devil" into every brain. And this manmade software virus, which had caused unsayable sufferance in witch burnings and religious wars, was finally copied by materialist in the French revolution as a weapon against the competition of the previous devilization religions, and thus infested their own materialist worldview with its dualistic way of thinking. This eventually set the basis of the modern westian man's worldview with that fatal understanding of natural sciences in that everything either had to be called "proven" or "non- existent", either "true" or "false" without any acceptable values in between, i.e. the Boolean logics of the either-or*. In the 19th century the westian so-called educated people then were drilled by their authorities only to accept this sort of unambiguously formulated answers as so-called "facts", because this way the authorities got the power over them to define whether something should be a fact or not. Only after the discovery of quantum physics, the westian scientists slowly began to recognize that this way of thinking was in general wrong, but the brains of the acknowledged scientists and many other establishment cravat wearers had been already statically programmed to accept only thinking in the 1st level of logics, therefore until now they still can not learn easily to think holistically by just applying higher levels yet.

*) that results in the strictly left- brained, only mathematics- like thinking in the 1st level of the logics.

Since by the increasing destructive power of the man holistical thinking nowadays has become strictly necessary for the further survival of the human race*, effective methods had to be developed to teach sovereignous holistical thinking to all of the cyberage's people by only applying that 1st level of logics that it has learned to understand. And the only known science which has terms to explain holistical relations by using this limited sort of logics is of all just that westian science that in the near past had mostly contributed to making it popular to the westian people only to learn thinking in the 1st level of logics - it's cybernetics.

*)  to prevent the approaching destruction of this earth by environmental pollution and to hinder unscrupulous ferengiish companies from poisoning this mankind with food additives and electric smog from too cheaply designed devices etc.

By this reason, in combination with the fact that the neuronomy Logologie uses originally bases on the work of cyberneticians, and last but not least that the cyberneticians eventually were the founders of our today's kind of civilization with it's understanding of the universe, Logologie uses the terminology of cybernetics to educate cyberage's people in holistical thinking - being aware that the history of cybernetics on this planet also had some really sad and sinister and absolutely unholistic sides (as e.g. it's well known misuse for the construction of warfare computers and control devices for thermonuclear missiles). But cybernetics is our time's most elaborated form of the great myth of understanding and creating, which makes it also constitute a very strong symbol for the creative and the destructive powers of the man.

Q: What does research mean in context of Logologie?

At the moment CYBERYOGI =CO= Windler has too much to do with studying software techniques at the German technical college HAW Hamburg to perform much practical research in other subjects, but eventually Logologie shall have several laboratories of violet (i.e. holistic) sciences to the topics of building and experimenting with conscious computers for spiritual purposes, telepathic experiments, alternative medicine, construction of new musical instruments, writing special computer programs and especially a laboratory for neuronomy (the science of improvement of the usage of brain and nervous system).

CYBERYOGI =CO= Windler has developed a theory about consciousness physics called "Die allgemeine Dialektrizitätstheorie" ("The common theory of dialectricity") which is based on the theories of morphic fields, quantum physics and Einsteinian relativity. It postulates some physical principles with those the working principles of homeopathy, telepathy and many other effect could be understood and which also might be usable for creating infinal automata of the 2nd kind (i.e. conscious computers).

Some of these things might look quite avantgardistic, but the basis of all sciences is the struggle for realization. Nothing fundamentally new can ever be discovered where only a certain type of cravat wearing scientists of white science exists, those simply ban everything currently non- according with their worldview by devilizing it with the term "unscientific" to prevent themselves from endangering this view to be proved to be wrong, since they all fear that any need of making changes in that worldview would ruin their credibility and thus weaken their commercial power to sell their knowledge and their way of researching as "the only truth". Therefore the only reasonable way for researching on really new things can be "to boldly do what no man has done before", ignoring the biased opinions of any ferengiish cravat wearers and instead creating a platform for alternative sciences beyond all that dogmatism.

Q: What does "white scientists" exactly mean?

Although this way of scientifical working mostly was spread by white skinned people, the term "white" originally refers more to the colour of the coats the laboratory assistants of officially acknowledged science traditionally wear. A "white scientist" is just an abbreviation for a scientist of white science; no matter whether his skin is black or white or if he is a green skinned martian. ;)

White science is the term for that unholistical way of operating official scientific research which only respects the thinking in the Boolean logics of the either-or and which re-uses the old, foul, Zoroasterian priest- handicraft of devilization by rejecting anything not fitting into its worldview or the power interests of its operators by banning it with the simple term "unscientific", while claiming its own research methods would be the only "objective" ones (treated as "the only truth"). Typically statistics gets involved as the favourite priest- handicraft for doing so, because by clever (and badly overviewable) definition of mathematical computational values nearly everything can be claimed to be statistically either "proven" or "unprovable", depending simply on the interest of the statistician's client. Though by drowning every opponent's argument in an infotrash flood of extra- lengthy statistical expert opinion reports and waiting for corresponding contra- reports, white science often easily succeeds to delay every decision until the opponent gives up or the criticized problem disappears by itself (e.g. after the last cancer compensation plaintiff has died...).

By this reason the basical nature of white science is in no way something anyhow "objective" or "unbiased", but instead also nothing more than just another unholistic wessy religion that applies ordinary foul priest- handicraft because it doesn't tolerate any "foreign gods" besides it. (See also the answer about cybernetics for the historical background of white science.)

In opposition to "white science", the term for holistical scientifical work that also respects higher levels of the logics is "violet science", because violet is the colour of mind expansion.

Q: Has Logologie a temple, a church or something similar?

No, because it's still under development. There shall be a sort of multimedia school with a big projection screen for applying holomental teaching technologies and meditative light effects in future, but at the moment this school has not been built yet.

Q: How can I become a registered member of Logologie?

Sorry, but at the moment this is impossible because Logologie is still in a very experimental state and under development. Many things need to be completed or improved until it will become applicable. (Ceremonies, musics, prayers etc. are nearly not developed yet.)

The only existent things are some German texts (full of typos ;) ) drifting through the empty space of the internet, and various pieces of music and pictures (mostly created on an Amiga computer); most of them are available on the Logologie homepage now.

Q: Dear Christian, what sort of music do you hear and what kind of music will be used for Logologian ceremonies?

I (=CO= Windler) like many styles of music from classical and hindu musics up to evergreens from 1930 and tekkno. The only things I dislike are brutalistic musics (like most pieces of heavy metal) and very boring sorts of classical musics like most opera arias. I think mostly I like early pieces of electronic musics (also squarewave- and similar ones from the historical homecomputers C64 and Atari XL), because they feel much like musics from a kind of cybernetician dimension where I strongly feel to belong to. (May I have lived there on a time line before or after this life?!)

I have composed various pieces of music of different styles using my electronic brain (my Amiga computer with ProTracker software). The main musical style I compose in is called gunk music. This is a minimalistic, monotonous sort of meditative, multivoiced music which usually applies tekkno- like sound effects, often in combination with sampled loops of continuously repeated words like in mantra yoga. But I also made e.g. some classics style synthesizer music (being a great fan of the "Switched- On Bach" album), church organ- like music, pieces in acoustic guitar style etc. up to (last but not least) musics in the unforgettable squarewave sound. (All my music is yet only produced very unprofessionally in the 4 channel 8bit MOD file format, and it is not available on commercial records but only as download on the Logologie site (see here). In future I will likely begin to compose some music using my PC, but I have not learned to play any instrument yet in a professional way besides that final automaton (i.e. computer). ;-) In spite of this I am collecting small music keyboards and electronic sound toys, and partly modify them into synthesizers. I also operate a comprehensive internet site with many explanations about this topic (named WarrantyVoid), which is accessible through my homepage.

Being the first cyberage-religion, in Logologie there will be much of electronically sounding musics and there will be gunk and also tekkno trance music used for meditation. But the tekkno used here will definitely NOT be played at that lemmingish high volume like in discos, because this would cause maladjustments of the body cybernetics and would destroy the ears while for the Logologist the human body is holy. The tekkno- deafness of cyberage's children is a dread symbol for the loose of sensitivity and real understanding between people in cyberage's society in general. In Logologie also life played non- keyboard electronic instruments will be used, especial gesture controlled (theremin- like) ones for bringing back body consciousness to the cyberage's children those did never learn anything more elaborated than pressing on buttons, because the body consciousness is one of the most important conditions for reaching any higher levels of spiritual development.

The second main sort of music used in Logologian ceremonies will be a special sort of spectral chanting (throat singing), which permits to apply the use of the human voice to create sounds in a similarly free, timbre based way like the sound generator of an electronic synthesizer. This extension of the mantra yoga will possibly be understood as one of the first kinds of post- electronic musics.

Q: What else can I find on your homepage?

My internet site is divided into various subsites. On the Logologie site you can download beside Logologian main texts various health infos, musics, pictures and poems etc. created by me (mostly in German). I also wrote down an political program (not computer program) about a planned (yet not existing) political party "Ratiokraten" ("ratiocrats") for supporting ecology, alternative sciences, holistic health care and fair globalization.

On my site there is in English a comprehensive subsite WarrantyVoid about small music keyboard and sound toy modification and collection. There is also an English subsite about historical videogames and one about open source PC pinball games I have programmed with the software Visual Pinball. (These games include an engine for emulating the hardware of relay based EM pinball machines to simulate their sound and timing behaviour precisely.)

Q: What political goals will the Ratiokraten party have?

It shall become a political party for mental freedom, which strives for an alternative, non- capitalist political system of reason, that will not be based on given communist dictatorship systems*, but something entirely new, dedicated to enable the mankind to sovereignous holistical thinking to protect it against self- destruction.
*) Dictatorships prevent sovereignous holistical thinking and thus would be unsuitable to reach this goal anyway.

Capitalism needs alternatives, because its claim that free competition would solve all problems is only a software virus that is spread by white science darwinists because they get paid by the capitalists to mutually praise and legitimate each other by publically claiming again and again that free competition would be the one and only motor of natural evolution and therefore the only way to boost development.

Although the phenomenon of evolution by mutation and selection* undoubtedly exists and follows the universal law of software, it functions only well under special conditions and is not a generally applicable algorithm. Therefore pushing the world into the so- called "freedom" of unrestricted capitalism is in reality in no way the solution, but the origin of all social problems of globalization, because the system theoretical situation of this planet resembles in no way an intact and well balanced ecosystem, but corresponds much rather to a small zoo, in which now some insane keepers decide to open all cages to give the animals the "freedom" to live happily together on the zoo yard now. The result of this can only be that the big and strong beasts of prey will soon exterminate and devour all the weaker animals until only very few species can survive, thus the total, unrestricted fight competition without any chance of refuge or flight produces primary only a catastrophic mass extinction and the loss of species diversity, which results instead of in a higher common development level and increase of freedom only in new monocultures and tremendous sufferance. With capitalist economy this means that the introduction of unrestricted global competition leads mainly to the arise of new big monopolists those devour or ruin all smaller companies, which results not only in a loss of jobs, but in the massive destruction of product diversity and of valuable local know- how.

*) i.e. random alterations within a large group of competing individuals, and keeping only the improving specimen alive.

And besides its limited effectivity, it is also very questionable whether that blind, barbaric and inhumane gladiator fight among the basickind software and entropy that is called evolution can be competent at all for the human development, because the request for an egoistic life according to the jungle law of evolution theory means to degrade the man to an animal instead of acknowledging his uniqueness and that he needs special protection for his further development. Due to the increasing destructive power of the single human it is irresponsible to request to further egoism even more in the name of evolution, because this only increases the risk of self- extermination of the entire mankind. Important is not where we may have come from, but where we will go to, and because genuinely not the software but cosmic consciousness is the genuine arch- origin of all development in the universe, it is crucial for the mankind to learn to recognize this again and that we are all integral parts of the one, all- comprehensive wholeness of cosmic consciousness and not just clusters of genetically encoded software that is pushed around by random- controlled evolution algorithms. Thus the increase of the sum_of_all_freedom of all conscious beings must become the measure for justice, and the goal of the human race must become the struggle for human perfectation - away from the beast- man towards the God- man - not the banal ferengiish addiction to mammon.

Don't follow the chase of evolution - be better!;-)

Therefor important features of the new political system will include:

The ratiocratic system will also include as a key feature an integral mutual corruption monitoring system, because corruption is the worst problem of all current governmental systems. Also a main reason why all anti- capitalist approaches of the classical communism yet failed is because the communism contained a severe system theoretical design flaw: its hierarchic centralism with strictly unidirectional power flow was unavoidably doomed to drown in corruption, because it fully ignored and denied the risk of human egoism of its own members. This is the main reason why all communist nations (independent from their leaders initial intentions) yet always ended up as inhumane brutalitary dictatorships, because this flaw violated the fundamental cybernetical principle of closed loop feedback, without that proper control is impossible.

Q: Can I have a documentation about cyberyoga?

No, it's still under development, only partially written down yet and I don't want people to make experiments with exercises those may be not elaborated enough to be usable without danger; if someone would damage his brain or would need a wheelchair after an accident eventually caused by one of my exercises, then it would ruin his happiness forever and my karma certainly too. But it is not prohibited to ask me for informations about this. I already have published a little info in English about a psychedelic technology to ease meditation (especially yoga) on a foreign web site. When I will recognize that someone with serious yoga experience (or similar) is advanced enough to use it wisely, then I may give out to him some secret pre- release informations about cyberyoga in future. (Also in the <alt. yoga> newsgroup I had posted in former times articles in English containing some (hardly endangering) informations from cyberyoga.)