Animal Keyboard

This seems to be a mono variant of the Stereo Playkeys! hardware. It has a very small white- blue or white- red case with 8 animal face buttons. Although there is only one speaker, the case contains 2 grills. The animal samples sound better than its predecessor.

main features:




The control panel layout of this instrument is everything but logical; there are lots of buttons wasted for redundant demo functions instead of using them for improved playability. "Stereo Playkeys!" is a way better performance instrument. But the "Animal Keyboard" has many exciting tribal rhythms and great demo melodies (unfortunately most of these are rather short). Also the samples sound interesting when pitched way down.

This badly designed instrument seems to exist also in many other (usually bigger) case variants. One successor of this thing (called "Animal Band"?) is bigger, has a row of 4 red LEDs instead of the orange window and has different melodies. (Also the "piano" and "organ" sound more like My Music Center?) Unfortunately its sound and melody select buttons are wired parallel in an odd way which limits OBS playability. (I quickly tested it in a shop.)

 removal of these screws voids warranty...    
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