Bontempi B40 (beginners keyboard with gritty digital lo-fi sounds)

This keyboard sounds and behaves extremely similar like the Bontempi B50 (including the ear tormenting beeping), thus see there fore details. The only main difference is that it has a few less preset sounds and rhythms and selects all functions through keyboard keys.

different main features:


Unlike the Bontempi B50, all functions are selected through keyboard keys + "select" button (where the B50 has its power "on" button). The main functions are on the black keys, while preset sounds and rhythms are selected by the white keys (switch between both by selecting "basic sounds" or "rhythms" with black keys).

A Bontempi B40 version with different case was released in blue as Bontempi On Tour KE 3760 and in orange (with different demo) as Bontempi - Confetti Kla4. A simpler mono variant of the B40 (same function select method, sound resembling Bontempi B30?) was the Bontempi B20.

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