BONTEMPIConfetti KLA4 beginners keyboard with gritty digital lo-fi sounds

This keyboard was a special version of the Bontempi On Tour KE 3760, which was made for the Austrian children TV series "Confetti" (something like Sesame Street?). The only difference to the KE 3760 is the orange case and the theme of the TV series as the demo melody, while the KE 3760 played "La Cucaracha".

Beside this, both are technically identical with the Bontempi B40 (including the ear tormenting beeping), thus I only describe here the differences to the latter.

different main features:

Model: KLA 4, SerNo: S5120282


The name "Kla4" is a German pun, because in German language the word "Klavier" means "piano", while "Vier" is the number "four". This instrument is likely quite rare and was only released in Austria (a German language nation in Europe, not Australia).

A blue version of this instrument (with magenta drumpads and demo "La Cucaracha") was released as Bontempi - On Tour KE 3760.

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