CASIO PT-88, 100 sound ToneBank mini keyboard with ROM-Pack & key lighting

This is basically a Casio SA-1 with ROM-Pack slot and melody guide key lighting feature (LED row above the keys).

Additionally it has 5 drum/ effect pads and 4 demos, but unfortunately the rhythm set is much simpler than on SA-1 and features only 12 preset rhythms without accompaniment. Due to the many similarity with Casio SA-1 I only describe here the differences.

different main features:


Unlike older Casio key lighting keyboards the melody guide feature is much restricted; the LEDs are always on and it always waits until a key is pressed; in "any key play" mode any key steps through the melody, in "music guide" mode it waits until the correct key is pressed (wrong notes sound also). The rhythms are made from simple medium resolution acoustic drum kit samples and include no accompaniment (ROM-Pack musics use additional synth toms and fill-ins). The drumpads can be switched between effect- and drum kit sounds; their sound set corresponds to the fullsize Casio CT-840. The volume is here controlled through a mechanical 5 step slide switch, which prevents using the tempo change easteregg of the Casio SA-1. As usual, the ROM-Pack melodies are selected through the keys; when no ROM-Pack cartridge is inserted, the instrument uses 4 internal demo songs on the first 4 white keys instead.

A midsize key variant of this instrument was released as Casio PT-380 (polyphony 4 notes). A successor of this hardware class (without ROM-Pack slot) were the Casio ML-1 and ML-2.

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