Elta - Kid Line Keyboard (My Music Center variant with key lighting)

This toy keyboard is a very close variant of My Song Maker (see there), the successor of My Music Center. Its special feature is that it has key lighting.

On eBay I saw that the original trade name on the box of this instrument was "Kid Line Keyboard". The LED PCB and CPU are labelled "922", which seems to be the hardware class name of this thing. An annoying flaw is that any press on drumpads reset volume to almost maximum.

different main features:

The CPU has besides its 23 normal pins an unconnected solder pad labelled "Test" near its COB chip.


The drumpad volume flaw does not happen in "samba" mode, thus it is no electrical problem, and when the volume is set even higher (there are 2 steps left), it doesn't reduce it to the previous value again, thus it is clearly a software bug. You can even set the volume to the lowest value ("volume dn" buttons stops beeping), play a drumpad (sounds loud), and further "volume dn" presses still don't beep and do nothing despite the instrument is on full volume now. Only when you press "volume up" and "volume dn" again, the volume is set lowest again, thus apparently the internal volume register of the sound generator in the CPU gets out of sync with the volume control setting that is apparently stored in a separate variable in memory. (I haven't examined the hardware closer yet.)

Like with Casio ML-1, only the white keys have LEDs and the key lighting shows a lit key for the current note, while the next key flashes to indicated that the player shall wait for correct timing. Wrong pressed keys also play their note, but the lit key stays lit and the accompaniment repeats in a loop until the correct key is pressed. The Chicco - Sing 'n' Dance Orchestra (also based on the My Music Center hardware family) did not flash and behaved way more crude here, although it has an "any key play" mode that does not exist on this Elta.

Unlike My Song Maker, when keys are pressed during a demo musics, it starts no different demo but instead mutes the melody voice for a bar to permit the player to improvise to the accompaniment of that demo.

The demo melodies of this instrument are:

  1. Jingle Bells
  2. Say Hello
  3. We Wish You A Merry X'mas
  4. Home Sweet Home
  5. Row Your Boat
  6. Joy To The World
  7. Little Brown Jug
  8. Hark The Herald Angles Sing
  9. The First Note
  10. Are You Sleeping
  11. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  12. Happy Birthday
  13. Little Bee
  14. Wiegenlied [a lullaby]
  15. Silent Night
  16. Mary Had A Little Lamb [plays disharmonic]
  17. Oh X'mas Tree
  18. Long Long Ago
  19. Yankee Doodle
Most of these tunes sound like on My Song Maker, but some are different (e.g. "Mary Had A Little Lamb" plays very disharmonic and unlike the false claim in the My Song Maker manual, this keyboard really plays the tune "Joy To The World".
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