Sunlight - Music Playkeys!

This instrument exists in 2 variants; the white- red one is technically identical with My Music Center (including the nasty keyboard bug). The white- blue one is different and more interesting, although its hardware is still rather like My Music Center than like Stereo Playkeys! (despite similar name). Nasty is that this thing originally includes no volume control and plays its harsh digital tones for a toy unbearable loud. Interesting is the rhythm section with custom drummer and the "cluck" sound.

main features:



Since there is no real power switch, the pitch pot must be used carefully during battery operation, because an undiscovered crash by overclocking can prevent the hardware from powering down properly, which may result in excessive battery discharge and battery leaking. Although the hardware resembles My Music Center (see there), shitshooting the program by overclocking causes no really interesting effects, but only continuous tones or no response. (Don't forget to reset afterwards, because there is no power switch.)

The 8 demo melodies of this instrument are (according to the manual):

This instrument may even have been the direct predecessor of the famous and widespread My Music Center, because despite many common features it has simpler sounds and lacks the crucial volume control.
 removal of these screws voids warranty...    
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