Music Fun - Melody Keyboard (My Music Center variant with many demo melodies)
This yellow tablehooter from 1996(?) is one of the many My Music Center variants, but remarkable is that the case is a blatant imitation of Casio KA-20. Much like My Song Maker it has 37 keys, many demo tunes and no animal samples anymore. But unlike the latter it has still the annoying polyphony flaw of the original My Music Center and the "one key play" feature here plays only the monophonic melody voice of the demos without any accompaniment. But at least the 19 demos are nicely made.
On eBay I saw that the trade name on its box of such an instrument was "Music Fun - Melody Keyboard". On the back of the case is an embossed label "© SUN TA TOYS . SDN . BHD . 1996", which may be the genuine model name. The instrument behaves mainly like My Song Maker (see there), thus I describe here only the differences to the latter.

different main features:


This instrument may be a predecessor of My Song Maker since it has still the annoying polyphony flaw of My Music Center, but strange is that it has 2 different sounds and some different rhythms while My Song Maker behaves exactly like My Music Center. Unlike these it is bigger and has midsize keys those react on very little pressure. The case is a blatant imitation of Casio KA-20 and even its protectors are rubber- like (soft PVC?), although the case is more orange and the protectors more reddish than the original. (The easily detachable protectors can be even exchanged between both cases.) Although My Music Center was also inspired by this case design, it has hard plastic protectors, different colours and mini keys, thus possibly the Melody Keyboard might be even older.

In comparison to My Song Maker all sounds except "guitar", "trumpet" and "new organ" play 1 octave lower, thus you can play lower bass notes than on other keyboards of this hardware family. (Pitching down the clock by circuit bending would sound different, because it makes aliasing noise audible and slows down envelopes.) Most preset sounds of the Melody Keyboard are like My Music Center, but instead of the ringing "mandolin" it has now "new organ", which sounds like a harsh pipe organ, and the extremely harsh "trumpet" has been replaced with a duller brassy tone without chorus effect that resembles an oboe. Also the drum solo patterns are different and the "new age" rhythm was renamed again into "hip hop".

Unlike My Song Maker here the demo select button has to be pressed simultaneously with a white key to select a song. The "one key play" feature of the 19 demo tunes here only plays the monophonic main voice without any rhythm or accompaniment.

The demo melodies of this instrument are:

  1. Jingle Bells
  2. Happy Birthday
  3. Republic March (Glory Glory Hallelujah)
  4. ?
  5. Alle Vögel Sind Schon Da
  6. Oh My Darling Clementine
  7. Little Bee/ Hänschen Klein
  8. London Bridge Is Falling Down
  9. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  10. The Little Donkey
  11. Santa Lucia
  12. Are You Sleeping
  13. ("Grobda/ The Hand" arcade videogame theme)
  14. ?
  15. ?
  16. Old Mac Donald Had a Farm
  17. Yankee Doodle
  18. (slow oriental tune)
  19. Little Miner
Most of these tunes are quite short and repeat in a loop. The orchestrations are not bad and vary a lot; some include quite furious, orchestrion- like march rhythms. The "Jingle Bells" demo of the Melody Keyboard features no trilled notes and thus sounds less like the Casio KA-20 version than the one on My Music Center.

Possibly the same CPU like in the Melody Keyboard was also used in the High Frequency/ SoundWave (or SoundWaves?) keyboard (black case with 2 speakers at the sides, 37 midsize keys, likely identical with the cyan Master Sound keyboard); I once saw it in a Toys'R'Us shopping center and remember that it behaved quite similar.

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