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These are PC remakes of historical pinball games those I have written or re-worked with the great freeware pinball construction kit program Visual Pinball. (Click on screenshots to see a bigger one. I have normally not enough webspace to store these games here permanently, but you can download them for free at IR-Pinball. Since IR-Pinball was severely broken, I have also preliminary hosted some of them here for download, but these links may disappear as soon I need the space for other things. Unfortunately yet Visual Pinball games only run on Micro$oft Windoze - I hope that anybody will create a Linux version soon. Don't pay bills for Gates!)

last updated: after 2003-01-22


Seedware licence
This is an open source licence for Visual Pinball games. For video arcade games there is MAME, for home computers and consoles there is MESS and also computerized pinball machines have been emulated with PinMAME, but yet there was no solution for electro- mechanical pinball machines. With this I hope I can help to close the gap by providing a sort of framework for building EM pinball emulations from.

Seedware licence v1.22 for Visual Pinball games

BOOMERANG - the world first *emulated* EM pinball game! (open source with tutorial!)
B O O M E R A N G - a programming example

pinball machine design ©1974 by Bally, 
version for Visual Pinball copyleft 2001 by CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler


If you like PC pinball games and electro-mechanical pinball machines, then this is a must-to-see for you. Wellcome to play the possibly world first emulated EM pinball game!

You may ask what I mean with emulation, because there are no ROMs nor anything CPU-like in electro- mechanical pinball machines. But unlike ordinary simulations of pinball game rules, the entire behaviour of this program is based on a model of the inner working of the machine, though the game timing with scoring and all chimes and mechanical noises behave like a real Bally EM pinball mechanism. Also the reset sequence is there with full sound. This program is an absolute milestone in innovative Visual Pinball programming.

Main features:

And the best thing for all programmers is: This is seedware! It's free, its open source and it is fully documented in literate programming. Though everybody is permitted and encouraged to use the source code to re-create many other exciting EM pinball games emulated with these technologies.

Note: The complex implementation of the spinning counter reels used in this game has nowadays become a bit obsolete since the new Visual Pinball itself supports such an effect with way less effort. Please regard this when you use my code, but the concept of the sticking and humming digits and their illumination is still quite unique and can likely also be ported to the new standard EM-reel implementation.  The game "Jimmy das Gummipferd" includes a newer and much more versatile version of the reel-a-listic score counter routine.

Jimmy das Gummipferd (emulated as seedware too, plays fantastic!)
Jimmy das Gummipferd

pinball machine design ©1954(???) by Mün-Ma, 
version for Visual Pinball copyleft 2002 by CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler


This is likely one of the greatest 1950th multiball pinball machines made in Germany. It's a massive multiball game with up to 10 balls simultaneously those encircle the playfield in a race track of the name zirkulator, and those with some skill enter the playfield through the top gate. This ancient machine was far beyond its time and plays fantastic! You also must hear its mechanical sound effects - this thing has rhythm! It was a lot of work to re-create this unusual machine, but it was worth the effort, so urgently download it.

To programmers: this one is also emulated and employs the currently most actual version of the reel-a-listic score counter routine, which is much more versatile than the "Boomerang" one.

Embryon (4SloPC version)

pinball machine design ©1981 by Bally  (production run 2250)

much enhanced modification 4SloPC copyleft 2001 by CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler, based on Visual Pinball release by Germax & Schindler (used with permission)


"Embryon" is certainly one of those pinball machines with the most beautiful and unique backglass pictures - a modern genesis fantasy that can be regarded as the cyberage's equivalent to the classical painting "Birth of the Venus". It also reminds somewhat to a piece of latex trance art. (Don't fear - I don't intend to clone human beings; yet the mankind is neither clever nor wise enough to do such steps. More about the meaning of the Embryon backglass artwork and why it almost was censored in Germany can be read in this text; there is also a little prophecy about the mankind's genetic future in it. )

Since I saw the backglass in a pinball book (which didn't show the playfield), I wanted to see the game of it and know how it plays. Though when I discovered Visual Pinball, already before I made "Boomerang" I thought about programming a remake of this game. Fortunately Germax (Gerd Augustin) & Schindler did already most of the work, although minus the backglass and it refused to run on my AMD K6 300MHz PC. Though I made a very much improved version of "Embryon" based on that program.

Main improvements:

(I didn't change much of the game rules and electronic sound code nor I added multi-player support, because Embryon is allready supported by the Visual PinMAME emulator. I hope someone else will soon write a script file for it and that it won't be too slow for my PC. In a quick test with PinMAME emulating "Embryon" ROMs in the background made the VP game rather jerky, although at least it didn't crash. )

Middle Earth
Middle Earth

pinball machine design ©1978 by Atari

Visual Pinball release by Ash, playfield improved by CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler 

Although this game has a bit brutalistic topic (dinosaur fighting theme, based on Jules Verne?) and might be not the world most exciting pinball machine, it  is something historic from Atari, though I felt right to re-work it a little.

I yet only removed the most blatant playfield flaws (the playfield was stretched way too long) and added some details, but did not remotely invest as much work as in my "Boomerang" EM emulator or my modification "Embryon" 4SloPC.  In spite of all this it now looks IMO quite acceptable.


Here you can (hopefully) download the above shown pinball games and lots of other great pinball tables for Visual Pinball. The original site was once shut down by its ISP because it consumed too much server bandwidth and webspace. I hope that the download section of the new IR-Pinball site is fully functional again. (It had preliminary only very few pinball tables downloadable.)

Visual Pinball
Here you can download the newest version of the famous freeware pinball construction program Visual Pinball for Windows (necessary to play these games).

shivaSite Forums - powered by vBulletin
This is the official Visual Pinball discussion forum where you can find lots of info and announcements about new Visual Pinball games etc.

AJ's VPinMAME Table Downloads
This site had pinball tables for the pinball machine emulator Visual PinMAME; with the original ROM files you though can play solid state (electronic) pinball games with exactly the original game rules and light and sound effects. (About copyright and the necessarity of emulators for historical game preservation please also read this text.)

Here you find the latest version of the pinball hardware emulator Visual PinMAME (not necessary to play my emulated "Boomerang" EM pinball). This program emulates the computer electronics of solid state pinball machines to run the original computer software from their ROMs. You also need Visual Pinball to simulate the mechanical part of these machines.

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