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Christian Oliver Windler

teachmaster of Logologie - the first cyberage-religion!

about me...

I am teachmaster of  LOGOLOGIE.

Logologie is a religion of reason; it is free of devilization and has many things common with Buddhism, but unlike this it includes a much more detailed understanding of the physical interaction between consciousness and the nervous system. Main goal of Logologie is the preservation and development of the human race by enabling it to sovereignous- holistical thinking and the overcoming of causing sufferance, because due to the network of cosmic consciousness everything is connected with everything and sufferance therefore never exists separately (see here).

my further interests...

I am a cyberage child - born in the year of Pong...

I am researcher of neuronomy and consciousness physics. (Neuronomy is the science of the improvement of the usage of brain and nervous system.) I collect historical videogames and homecomputers, I enjoy to build and repair electronic things and I am interested in electronic musics, synthesizer technology and everything that makes unusual (mostly electronic) sounds. I also compose own musics (e.g. like tekkno- trance, meditational musics etc.) and like to write poems and short stories etc. (e.g. SF), work on movie scripts, paint computer graphics and I am generally very interested in art and philosophy. I have studied software-techniques at the university of applied sciences HAW- Hamburg. Read more details here...


historische Telespiele
historical videogames
Visual Pinball Flipper
Visual Pinball games
art and music
art & music
Site News:

Attention: I have a new e-mail address (see below).

The previous one made technical problems, because the leading hyphen was blocked as a syntax error by many e-mail systems and because is still falsely listed as a spammer domain on e-mail block lists.

I am finally online again.

I now finally have re-worked the web design of this site and have added some pretty icons, because the black on white, memory saving plain text mess from the university era was just ugly and badly overviewable. I also found out who created the mysterious Nürburgring 3D car racing arcade machine that I remember from my childhood. (The company now makes professional driving simulators.)

my site WarrantyVoid

hobbyist electronic sound toy and keyboard modifications:

  • circuit- bending (making experimental synthesizers from electronic sound toys and cheap keyboards)
  • FAQ with modification tips
  • my collection of small and unusual keyboards and sound toys
  • antique tube organs (Jörgensen Tuttivox & Clavioline)

my historical videogames page

  • about my historical videogames collection,
  • manifesto against criminalization of emulating historical videogames,
  • the phenomenon of the "zone" and zoners (meditative/ trance inducing high- speed videogames),
  • many technical infos,
  • Nürburgring - the likely world first car racing arcade machine with 3D graphics.
  • etc.
my Visual Pinball re-creations

free DIY pinball games for PC:

  • Boomerang (world first emulated EM-pinball, super realistic, open source with programming instructions!)
  • Jimmy das Gummipferd (a really unique 1950th EM multiball machine, plays fantastic, also emulated as open source)
  • Embryon 4SloPc
  • Middle Earth
  • my art and musics
  • digital paintings
  • music compositions
  • health information

    • Warning: Pink can be dangerous for health!

    • about the stress generating, sick making and learn- hindering effect of long exposure to pink in the viewfield, which e.g. is caused by the light of ordinary "warm white" fluorescent tubes those are still widely used in offices, schools etc.
    • Ear damage by MP3, DVD and digital television?

    • about risks of neuroacoustically datareduced music - it can possibly cause tinitus and other hearing problems. This is particularly critical because it is planned by governments to completely replace soon the analogue TV and radio standards with datareduced digital systems.

    E-Mail: (WARNING: Do not sent e-mails >300KB! Replace "SP@M" with "@" in my e-mail address.)