Bontempi Basic BK32 (polyphonic squarewave mini- keyboard without rhythm)

This ancient Bontempi mini- keyboard has polyphonic plain squarewave organ tones, but no rhythm.

main features:


By its case design this instrument seems to be of the same era like the Bontempi Minstrel Beta.

This simple little keyboard has only 3 envelope- less squarewave organ timbres, but features a delayed vibrato, which likely functions by modulating the clock oscillator, because held notes cause later notes to start with full vibrato. The sound has a mild and pleasant distortion, which provides a sympathetic sounding classical squarewave sound.

An even shorter variant with only 26 keys and neither timbre nor vibrato switch was released as Bontempi Basic BK26. Odd is that its keyboard starts with a B key and that key has to its left instead of a sharp key a moulded piece of the case rim protruding into its notch. Interesting is in the same series was also released the melodica Bontempi Basic BC25, which had the same colours and a roughly similar case style. A quite similar behaving fullsize instrument like the BK32 (with additional organ chord section) was the Bontempi M40. Another (newer) Bontempi mini keyboard with roughly similar features was the Bontempi Concertino 25S.

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