Fujitone I (monophonic squarewave toy keyboard)

This smallest Fujitone keyboard is nothing spectacular, but it features only extremely pure and basic plain squarewave tones, those in their simplicity don't exist on many other keyboards (not even on 1980th ones).

On the box the 2 buttons are green instead of red.
The black case of this instrument  is an imitation of the Yamaha PSS-30, besides that is has the tone scale letter row below and not above the keyboard. It has also way less features and thus only 2 red, slanted buttons {piano, organ} (same shape like buttons of the Hing Hon EK-001) in right upper corner and 2 grey slide switches. The original multi- language box is yellow with a photo of the instrument, a black "Fujitone I" label and green writing "ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD". On the box photo the 2 buttons are green. (No photos available because mine is in my parents house in another city.)

main features:


Like the Medeli MC-11, this instrument has an extraordinary precise key timing response which permits (with some skill) to play extremely short, blipping notes those most modern keyboards would rather ignore or play too long. Like with the MC-11, the CPU truncates the piano envelope after 0,5s, but due to a smaller envelope capacitor (only 1nF?) it is not audible here.

The 4 demo melodies are selected by 4 keys in "auto" mode. They are:

  4. MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMP (regard this typo, it should spell "lamb")
Unusual is that in piano mode these melodies play some of their notes with and others without the piano envelope, like when the player would switch between "piano" and "organ" depending on the desired note duration. The melodies can not be stopped besides by switching the instrument off, and also the sound can not be switched by hand so long the melodies play.
 removal of these screws voids warranty...    
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