Medeli MC-11 (monophonic squarewave toy keyboard)

This small, white tablehooter is nothing really spectacular, but unusual is that it uses extremely pure and basic plain squarewave tones, those in their simplicity don't exist on many other keyboards (not even on 1980th ones).

The manufacturer Medeli I found out by Asian Sources; on the instrument stands only "MC-11 ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD". It has a white case with a green speaker grill centered above the keyboard. Although it is basically a stupid little thing, I like this one and chink around on it quite often.

main features:



This instrument has an extraordinary precise key timing response which permits (with some skill) to play extremely short, blipping notes those most modern keyboards would rather ignore or play too long.

The 13 monophonic demo melodies are (note all these Engrish misspellings):

Regarding the CPU type label, also a variant called "MC1100" may exist, which appears to be the genuine name of this hardware class. A possible predecessor of this instrument was the similar Fujitone I.
 removal of these screws voids warranty...    
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