This page lists some instruments and accessories I am still looking for and those I possibly want to buy.

But regard that I am not one of these wealthy snobs with big money. Despite my fairly large collection I can only spend roughly about 40 to 60€ per month for my instruments, thus do not attempt to sell very expensive things to me - shipping of large or heavy objects from outside Germany can be expensive too. I am also not interested in buying technically identical instruments.

warning: Never attempt to e-mail me anything big (scanned manuals etc.) without prior asking; my modem is slow and my e-mail account has a low quota and will crash, thus I can not easily receive e-mails bigger than a few 100KB.

software & cartridges:

Antonelli 2381 & 2495 PC software

I am searching for the historical PC connection software (DOS drivers?) that came with or was sold for the Antonelli 2381 and Antonelli 2495 keyboard. Does anybody has this software (original or copy) or the special cable or at least some info about these?

Casio RAM-Pack RA-10

sequencer memory expansion for Casio KX-101 (not so important).

Casio ROM-Packs

I am also still looking for any Casio ROM-Packs with songs I don't own yet, because they rarely appear separately on eBay, and I don't want to buy any duplicate keyboards for this. See here which ROM-Packs I already own. Especially I am interested in the old ones with each over 10 songs. Due to shipping cost I would prefer to buy also a lot of multiple ROM- Packs at once when the price is ok.

TI Magic Wand barcode books

The Texas Instruments - Magic Wand is a barcode pen operated speech synthesizer toy with great robot voice. Has anybody additional barcodes for it. (I yet only own the book "Mac's Big Surprise".)

Yamaha PlayCards

I am also interested in Yamaha PlayCards I don't own yet. See here which cards I already have.

manuals & paper:

With paper media I usually need no originals; a scanned copy would be sufficient also. If these are already available online anywhere, please e-mail me the link.

Casio KX-101 manual

Has the Casio KX-101 still hidden features I don't know?

Casio barcode music sheets

Has anybody additional Casio barcode musics I don't own yet? See here which songs I already have.


transition Yongmeis

these are older keyboards made by Yongmei/ Meisheng (often with different brand label) those still have the transistor tooter case style with multiple slide switches but already digital sound and rhythm hardware inside. (For more info see here.)

strange Casio keyboard boombox???

From my early childhood I remember that in the computer department of a German Horten shopping center (called the "Horten Computer- Center") in the Commodore C64 era there was a TV set with an advertisement video running in a loop, which explained the features of a Casiokeyboard boombox and especially mentioned the sequencer with magnetic tape saving. But the strange thing is that I remember the case design very different from my Casio KX-101. I definitely remember that it had a row of key lighting LEDs above the keys, and I think it had only 32 (slightly bigger?) keys without chord buttons (much like Casio PT-82) and the keyboard could be flipped in a 90° angle forward to play on it without laying the entire boombox on its back. I also remember that it had a grey front panel divided into horizontal sections with likely 3 knobs in a row (each about ø2cm) and the outer case sides were likely red. All corners and edges were slightly rounded and I think that the detachable speaker boxes had a silver or grey sheet metal grill with rounded corners and no visible tweeter. Also the cassette door was rather grey with rounded corners. I possibly also saw this thing in a Karstadt shopping center. Does anybody remember this boombox, or did I really daydream so badly???

Elite or Elta keyboard boombox

Another mysterious keyboard boombox was made by Elite or Elta; in mid of 1990th I saw a single specimen of it about 2 or 3 times on flea markets in the city Buxtehude; it was still in its (quite worn) original box., but I didn't buy it because I didn't care that much about strange keyboards at that time and had no space left in the single room where I lived. But I am absolutely sure that I saw this one and that it was definitely no Casio KX-101; it had a white rectangular case with detachable speakers, likely a black control panel with silver knobs, black speaker grills and also a by 90° flippable mini keyboard at its lower case rim. The keyboard was rather a simple toy with only 2 or 3 sounds and very few rhythms (possibly based on the same hardware class like the Fix und Foxi Musik Band, or the Creatoy keyboard), and I think the keys were in standard white and black colour, even shorter than with KX-101 and likely only about 2 octaves. Also the case was smaller than my KX-101. To me at that time it looked like a cheap knockoff of the strange Casio boombox I saw in my childhood. Does anybody know what it was?
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