my further interests...

I am a cyberage child - born in the year of Pong.
  • I am neuronomician.

  • Neuronomy is the science of the improvement of the usage of brain and nervous system. My main research topics are b.o. the development of highly effective learning methods and the research on drugfree psychedelics (mind machines, various meditation methods etc.).
  • I concern myself  with consciousness physics.

  • (e.g. interactions between consciousness and matter within the brain, telepathy, morphic fields, construction of conscious computers etc.)
  • I enjoy computer programming and I am fascinated by the history of cybernetics.

  • Especially I am interested in artificial intelligence in reality and myth and in the scriptures of the social philosopher and mathematician Norbert Wiener (founder of cybernetics).

    The fact that his brilliant book "Cybernetics" was an at least as revolutionary, social- philosophically radical and visionary manifesto as the famous "Capitalism" of Karl Marx, and that it covered way more than just technical topics, got today unfortunately nearly unknown, because the work of the Master soon got abused by the interests of power hungry cravat wearers, those later claimed everywhere that it was nothing more than just a book of mathematical contents. (More about cybernetics can be read in the Logologie-FAQ.)

  • I collect historical videogames and homecomputers.

  • I like to build/ repair electronic things (also tube electronics)

  • I am interested in electronic musics, synthesizer technology and I compose musics too.

  • My musical main style is gunk music (a special form of multivoiced meditation musics, similar to tekkno trance), but I have already composed in many other styles too. Yet my musical pieces I have made with "ProTracker" in the MOD format on my Amiga electronic brain, and by tricks I managed it to create partly very complex sounds on this historical 4 track program, those are far beyond the sounds of average MOD files. (The total length of all my compositions together are at least 110min. My music can be downloaded here.) I like a lot of musical styles (except opera arias and heavy metal). Besides India style music, acid house and tekkno trance I am especially fascinated by multivoiced squarewave music. (Squarewave music is a special, very electronic sound style of the kind that is known e.g. from historical homecomputers and cheap electronic music boxes. By its impulsive, monotonous structure it often has an extraordinary meditative effect.)

    I am interested in everything that makes unusual (mostly electronic) sounds. I enjoy to modify cheapest music keyboards and toy organs (so-called "tablehooters") to make with these things partly very bizarre sounds (perfect for tekkno etc.) those normally nobody would expect by seeing them. I also have build own electronic instruments and collect music keyboards (see here).

    I am also fascinated by spectral chanting (throat singing) with the completely free usage of the own voice in the style of a synthesizer. Also the development of new, more intuitive user interfaces for synthesizers (by virtual reality etc.) I find extremely interesting, because with the actual ones there are still too many keys between man and sound.

    Additionally I write poems and short stories etc., work on movie scripts, paint computer graphics, and I am generally very interested in art and philosophy.

    I am especially interested in science- fiction (Star Trek etc.) and socially critical topics. Artistically I am also interested in the stylistical elements of historical videogames, and I also would find it very exciting to create interactive, computer controlled art installations (e.g. artistical works about tekkno, like the construction of mechanical tekkno machines etc.) You can find some of my works in the arts department of the Logologie site.