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I am collector of historical videogames and homecomputers. Especially I enjoy very old games like Atari VCS2600, Vectrex, Atari XL etc., and I am interested in "zoner" games, i.e. certain monotonous high speed skill games those are capable to create alterated states of mind.

last updated: 2007-04-12

my collection: (a brief & incomplete overview)

VCS2600 (most console versions, many carts, modified VCS clone with 288 games built into by me, Compumate keyboard), VCS7800, C380, Lynx, 400, 800XL (with recorder and 1050 floppy), 65XE (the prettiest 8bit Atari - with external keyboard and lightgun), 260ST (1MB added by me, self- made diskette drive)

Amiga (heavily modified A500 electronic brain built into wooden cabinet), VC20, C64 (model I with 1541, Datasette, Magic Voice speech module), C116 (yes, the rare rubber keyboard thing)

ZX80, ZX81, PC8300 (ZX81 clone), ZX Spectrum (with Microdrive, Interface I)

NES (with "Fitness Center" mat, many carts), SNES, Gameboy I, Gold Leopard King GLK2003 (NES based educational computer in AT keyboard case), various other NES clones (Supercom with lightgun, Ending Man, Dendy Junior, China 2008, Spectron etc.)

Megadrive + Master System Converter + 3D glasses + lightgun, Multi-Mega (portable Megadrive/ Mega-CD console), Saturn

other videogames
Colecovision, Intellivision (many carts), Interton 4000 (with most carts), Philips G7000, Phillips Odyssey 2001, Unimex Mark IX (2 lightguns), Vectrex (many carts), Mr.Altus (Arcadia clone), MicroVision (with boxes, 5 carts), several TV-tennis (Pong) console variants, many LCD games

other homecomputers
Mattel Aquarius, Bit 90, Yamaha CX5M music computer (with full size piano keyboard and 5(?) music carts, but no working MIDI-IN)

The things I grew up with are marked in yellow.

important notes:
Nothing is for sale unless I explicitly mark it so. Besides videogames I am also interested in multivoiced squarewave music- boxes or such (e.g. toy-) music keyboards, but only when either sound or design is something unusual or when they are old (1980th or older). I live in a tiny apartment (which is already full to the ceiling...), though by space (and money) reasons I really can't collect everything. Collecting videogames also is not my meaning of life, therefore don't be disappointed when I refuse to buy large things you may offer me (especially when they are already well emulated).

Especially I am fascinated by the musics, sound effects and the graphical style of Atari VCS2600 and 8 bit homecomputers, as generally by squarewave and similar electronic musics. Below are some texts etc. by me about historical videogames.

Is downloading historical videogames PIRACY???

Why we blast...?!
Read here about virtual brutality and the sweet secrets of zoners...

ZONERS-the newsgroup file
other texts
(These are mostly old newsgroup articles.)

Phoenix("RFT & Robotron" version)
a 'real- existing' arcade game from the German Democratic Republic!

title screen of RFT Phoenix_another RFT Phoenix screenshot

These are MAME screenshots extracted from the ROMs of a broken "Phoenix" arcade game PCB. Read here and here (newsgroup articles) about the game hardware and how I discovered it.

Here are the WAV samples from the melody module of the game PCB: (melody samples triggered by the game hardware) (rest of the melodies/ chimes from the IC)

This is the ROM set from the game; I renamed the files to run on the MAME arcade emulator. The game is not officially supported by MAME yet, though the samples are not played by the actual versions. The best you can get is to download an old MAME version (MAME 36rc1 or older) and rename 2 of the samples from set to play them within the game (instructions are within the ZIP file).

Do you remember? Read here about the likely world first 3D car racing arcade machines and their manufacturer. [updated 2007-04-12]

large site with links about historical videogames. Many other interesting sites are reachable from here. (I neither have time nor space here to add and maintain lots of links on my own site, though I recommend also to look there to find other ones.)

everything you need to get happy with the MAME arcade emulator... - and much other emulator related stuff. (Note: this site works only when in the browser "all cookies" and "autoload images" are turned on.)
Here you can find links for MAME arcade emulator ROMs and related files.
Here you can download various specially hacked old MAME emulator versions, including MAME-EX2 which supports modified historical arcade games. (Perhaps also the "Phoenix" version from German Democratic Republic will be fully supported in future.)

PONG: The official site devoted to the Pong story...
I am a cyberage-child - born in the year of Pong! Read here everything about Pong and how it came into being...

ASMA - Atari SAP Music Archive
Here you can find a fantastic archive of over 2000 pieces of Atari 8bit POKEY music and players, as well as converter programs for creating own POKEY tunes on Atari XL and emulators. When you use the WinAmp SAP plugin (recommended), please adjust your WinAmp equalizer like this and save it as a preset for authentic Atari performance. (With neutral EQ settings the timbre is way too thin and hissy and has little resemblance with the sonorous bassy drone of the real thing.)

Here you can download the best PD Amiga emulator for Windoze. E.g. on my AMD K6 300MHz PC I can even use music programs from Amiga 500. (Forget WinUAE; its sound stutters terrible.)

ALE - Amiga Legal Emulation
Here you could completely legally download many historical Amiga games and other stuff. Unfortunately this site was closed by the operator by lack of time, but there is a message that it may reopen later.

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